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Jackie Lithgow was a determined 20-year-old student, working hard every day to get his life back. He was in his second semester, freshman year at Bloomsburg University and had just changed his major to Digital Forensics. He embraced college life, made many new friends, and was stepping up to all the responsibilities that go along with being independent.

On February 23, 2014 everything changed in an instant when he was assaulted trying to break up a fight. He was critically injured and life-flighted to a nearby trauma one hospital with a fractured skull and severe traumatic brain injury. His marathon to recovery had commenced. The first nine months were filled with more downs than ups as he fought through a coma, blood clot, infections, countless surgeries, and trips back and forth from the hospital to Magee Rehab where he was able to eventually start an upward trend to recovery.

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June 1, 2015

Jackie- it was a defining moment in my life when me, my brothers, including your dad, inducted you into the Zeta Psi Pi Kappa Chapter Fraternity on Staurday Night. I am honored to call you a brother and look forward to our next visit and learning about your remarkable progress! NEVER SURRENDER....

Jonathan Marks, President Zeta Psi Pi Kappa Alumni Association

May 31, 2015

You rock! You have come such a far far way from where you first began! I miss seeing your goofy smile and those flaming eyes of determination. You, my friend, are an inspiration! I promise to have you over for a fun day of swimming. Keep on fighting forward big guy, you got this. I will continue keeping you and your family in my prayers

Emily Marzean

April 15, 2015

Your story is tragic but also uplifting, as you are inspiring others by working hard to get your life back. I will keep you in my prayers ... you are blessed to have a great family and many people pulling for you!

Patricia Forde